Scaffold Collapse Causes Serious Injury

Ned suffered severe, work-ending injuries when the scaffold he was working on collapsed. Our team brought in reconstructionists to establish that the mechanism of the collapse and location of the scaffold made it highly likely there was a defect in the scaffold design or installation. more

Work Accident Causes Flaccid Paralysis

James was injured in a preventable and foreseeable work accident that left him with T-11 Flaccid Paralysis. He had no lower body control and could not walk. Continually denied by the insurance company, we advised that James deserved $25 million and made that request in court, much to the jury’s initial disbelief. However, the jury subsequently found in favor of our client and awarded even more than was sought. more

A Sophisticated Edge

A roll-over crash on I-95 had catastrophic consequences for a Connecticut family returning from vacation in Florida—paralyzing one passenger, causing another permanent spinal injuries, and significantly injuring five others in the vehicle. Highway Patrol determined the cause of the crash to be a tread separation on the left rear Cooper Mastercraft tire of the Plymouth Voyager. Nine days before the crash, the right rear tire had been replaced by Wal-Mart, following a puncture in Florida. more

If Not Us,Then Who?

In 2006, the New Haven Road Race, a long-standing foot race in downtown New Haven, lost its title sponsor, a local bank. The firm had been involved with the race for only a short time, providing a small sponsorship as part of a “legal challenge” with area law firms.  Someone in New Haven needed to step up to ensure this event—that had brought commraderie, fun and good health to so many families for so many years—did not suffer due to the declining economy. The partners slept on the idea and thought: if not us, then who? more